How to treat mature skin

Over 50 years, the skin can be considered “mature” and already shows signs of natural aging. This is why it is even more important to take care of it more and more accurately
constant. If at thirty, every now and then you can forget to remove make-up or you can afford to go out without applying the cream and without makeup, when the skin becomes mature we will notice that the effects are much more evident from one day to the next. It takes only a few days without the application of a cream or a sunscreen to notice how the skin appears dull and without tone, with wrinkles that are visibly accentuated.

The aging of the skin is noticeable not only in the lack of elasticity in the increase of wrinkles which are the most evident signs, but also in the spots, in the dryness of the skin and greater sensitivity to external agents. Along with the normal aging process are added established habits over the years such as smoking, drinking alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition. All these elements contribute to a sagging and marked skin.

Depending on the history of each and its genetic heritage, some may boast a relatively young skin up to 40-45 years, while others may experience signs of age already around 35 years old. The age is relative, it is important instead to observe our skin day by day and take care of it, when the signs of aging begin to be more evident, it is time to change habits.

To treat mature skin, you need to choose suitable and specific products because a normal moisturizer is not enough. To counteract aging we can therefore act consistently and base ourselves on some fundamental principles:

Clean your face with specific products even if you do not wear makeup
Apply specific creams for mature skin day and night
On sunny days always apply the sunscreen, the ideal is 50+
Massage the skin of the face for a few minutes a day in order to stimulate microcirculation
Sufficient sleep to ensure rest and allow the skin to regenerate
Drink plenty of water to moisturize your skin even from the inside
We hope that these tips on how to treat mature skin have been useful!