Donatella Veroni laboratories; production and packaging of Farma-cosmetic products. Through the development of high tolerability dermocosmetic lines (sensitive, reactive and pathological) and an exclusive use of certified raw materials, distributes, in Italy and in the world, also for third account, of cosmetics in the service of  professional beauty.

Cosmeceuticals made ​​with passion and dedication to craft, using, care and cutting-edge technologies.

Nano technologies, international research patents, bioliquefatti extracts, are appropriately selected, mixed in the most appropriate and innovative formulas to give the optimal response to different types of customer. A complete offer, integrated and with higher standards to meet the demands of an increasingly attentive and demanding market. We have a park full feed formulations already tested, or on request we study new formulations, assisting the client in the process of choice of the functional and active, both the ideal texture to the packaging required.



Every day his know-how is made ​​available to customers to create compositions that meet the most comprehensive care in terms of quality and that give a concrete answer to the most demanding needs of the consumer. Leading knowledge processing and use of the secretion of the snail to the discomfort and skin blemishes. Daily work and study alongside the organic snail farm, with which was entitled the breeding protocol, protected extraction and processing of snail slime.