OzoSnail – Snail Slime extractor


The acquired experience by Donatella Veroni during these years of snail slime usage and production both in dermocosmetics and the pharmacy field, has contributed to better understanding of this particular raw material in order to guarantee the real results in terms of purity and efficacy.

OzoSnail is a revolutionary machine that was developed for the purpose to realize a high quality product.  That is, a snail slime total natural extraction method created, developed and patented by Donatella Veroni.

It is a closed cycle extraction method that uses the elements of natural origin like ozone and biological fito extract. That is!! Ozone, a natural gas, is an essential and integrating part of the extraction process that allows treating and sanitizing the snail in order to allow the natural slime secretion.

This innovative method utilizes ozone at a controlled gradation in order to extract the snail slime while preserving the total health of the mollusc.  In this way, the obtained raw material has high quality chemical and microbiological components if compared to the other extraction methods which use invasive and damaging techniques (i.e. with sodium chloride and/or acetic acid and/or ammonia).

The complete process not only retains the health of the snail, but it accurately selects fito extracts and elements.  In addition, this process allows the best extraction while maintaining the entire chemical component contained in the snail slime.

Ozone, called by some scientific studies as “the germs killer”, is used to remove completely and immediately microbial contamination that can deteriorate the final product.

The snails used for this process can be re placed in rows livestock immediately after extraction and after a physiological rest period can be used again for a new extraction. This allows the breeder a continuous extraction and an increase in sales.


  1. easy to use
  2. reduced maintenance costs 
  3. certifications and dedicated support 
  4. quick release and continues 
  5. no animal damage 
  6. qualitatively high level extract and high marketability 
  7. raw material for easy storage and conservation 
  8. possibility of cyclically extracting from the same snails
Are you a breeder ? You’re interested in the extraction process ? We will follow you step by step , for free and without obligation for each individual case.