All natural beauty

The recent discovery of the properties of the snail secret opened the way for a revolution in the world of cosmetics. Important studies and clinical trials have confirmed that fact, thanks to the synergistic action of its natural components, the slime has proved a real all-natural beauty product and a powerful ally in the care and well-being of skin and hair, increasingly it recommended by dermatologists worldwide.

Line Snail Serum has been studied and designed to take advantage of all the valuable active components of the snail slime:

MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDE: Holds long the water on the skin, with an intense and prolonged moisturizing action (water “reserve “) has a support function to the tissues , helping to maintain the extracellular bounce. Due to its cross-linked structure it allows all the other valuable components, dissolved in it, to be more easily conveyed in depth in the epidermis, where they can perform their actions of nourishment, purification and regeneration. It has the function of protective barrier against external agents (cold, pollution, dry air, microorganisms).

ELASTIN: other important protein of the dermis. The skin which has suffered a loss of tone and elasticity, due to external factors, to internal shortcomings or advancing the years, thanks to  intervention of this structural element, is able to regain its natural elasticity. Even outdoor use has the task of protecting and restoring physiological balance.

GLYCOL ACID: Its exfoliating action allows the removal of dead cells. It allows then to other substances contained in the dribble, to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis. It also has the ability to stimulate endogenous collagen and elastin production by fibroblasts, making an indispensable work for the restoration of balance and elasticity of the skin and preserve its youth over time.

COLLAGEN: main protein of the dermis, has the function of support, protection and resistance to stress , maintaining hydration of the skin and the physiological well-being. He collaborates in the repair processes and maintaining the tone of the tissues. If also it applied externally performs the function of “natural fillers” in minimizing wrinkles.

ALLANTOIN: By helping to fight free radicals and stimulate cell proliferation, increases the speed of healing of minor skin injuries and is indispensable aid in slowing the aging process. It also has moisturizing and mild anti-inflammatory.

PEPTIDES: have multiple and essential actions, are definitely the most valuable components and less characterized the snail slime. The action of these molecules could also be ascribed the antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing of the burr, of course, the complexity of the natural product has so far not allowed the full characterization of this type of molecules.

VITAMINS: vitamin A has a strong antioxidant activity together with vitamin C which , in turn , also stimulates the production of collagen and hinders the destruction , helping to maintain healthy tissues. The vitamin E It is particularly important in delaying the senescence process of cells and maintains the young and soft skin over time.