snail serum bava di lumaca

Snail Serum skin cosmetics line was born as a result of deep understanding.  It leans towards an ideal conception and universal beauty, renewed from time to time through concepts and proportionate formulas according to precise rules.

The patented processing method of the snail slime is unique and non-reproducible.  The properties in the formula have been selected with respect of the composition and function of the snail secretions.  It exhibits remarkable effectiveness and compatibility with the structural elements of the skin.

The freeze-drying of the secretion, 98.8% pure ingredient is used in a high percentage in the skin cosmetic line proves its broad effectiveness in treatments unlike the extract liquid.

Combats blemishes such as skin blemishes, acne, stretch marks, dermatitis and irritation, psoriasis, herpes.

A line, then all the natural and especially no added colorants, nor parabens, nickel free: a guaranteed and safe product made ​​under the supervision and analysis of the partner universities and in collaboration with Italians farms in the biological cycle.

Our production department uses only and exclusively Snail Slime extracted snail with the patented method Donatella Veroni, to ensure quality, purity and effectiveness.

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