In vitro: antioxydant properties

Studies in vivo and in vitro were carried out in order to demostrate the efficacy of the active components contained into the Snail Slime Extract.

In vitro studies demonstrate that the secreted has antioxidant properties due to the presence of enzymatic activity as SOD (superoxidismutase) and  GST (glutathion-S-transferasi)  which acting both as sequestering agent of free radicals and as its inhibitors.


The antioxidant properties are evaluated utilizing an analytic method that uses a spectrophotometric technique in order to determinate the antioxidant capacity of the sample (ABTS assay).

ABTS (2,2’-azinobis(3-etilbenzotiazolin-6-solfonate) is a uncoloured substance that in radicalic form is coloured, the addition of antioxidant into the solution containing this radical determine its efficacy causing the reduction of the colour of the solution. This decolouration is proportional to the antioxidant power and it can be measured as the absorbance reduction at the certain time and specific length’s wave (734nm).

In this study in vitro the SCA is compared to others antioxidant such as quercitine and trolox X showing a strong efficacy in both radical inhibition and reduction.

In vivo: repairing properties

The efficacy of Helix aspersa slime extract was proven on healing of thickness facial burn in adults. This study was carried out in two groups, one of 27 patient was treated with snail slime and another one of 16 with an unguent oil for burns.

This treatment was carried out for 14 day twice per day.

The snail slime has improved significantly the ri-epithelisation process reducing pain and itching without side effects.

Beside the burns treatment the snail slime was studied on the treatment of acute dermatitis after radiotherapy. The study was carried out on three groups of patient, one of 33 treated preventively once per day from the radiotherapy begin to the end, the other one of 41 patients which received daily treatment from the moment to the detection of the wounds until  their remission and at the end 22 adults for control.

The results underlined that the group preventively treated has showed an important improvement in wounds healing caused by radiotherapy.

Finally these patients have confirmed a high grade of satisfaction in terms of itching, pain desquamation and erythema presence if compared with the control group.


Our studies

Donatella Veroni Laboratory carried out several analyses to demonstrate the efficacy of Snail Serum.

These analyses were carried out with the Callegaris 5.5 equipment; specific programs were developed for each specific measurement (such as acne, wounds, redness) on 90 adults in the age between 25-50 years old for 28 days. The picture 1 shows that after treatment with Snail serum there is a significant reduction of skin discomfort.

Last but not least the skin elasticity is improved significantly.  Fig. 2