Quality – Safety – Efficacy

Main activities of our laboratory is the private label manufacturing; from the creation of the formula, the study of the graphics and brand of a single product or a complete line (Full Service) .

The route is designed with the customer up to the complete satisfaction (philosophy, protocol, certifications, of aesthetic and medical efficacy tests)

Patented formulas

Ideal partner for your business through an archive of about 2000 formulas able to meet various needs in the field of cosmetics .

Our vision has been clear from the beginning, hence the decision to embark on a path that courageously keeps the internal production cycle, storage and production of raw materials, storage of manufactured and semi final packaging .


The company  is capable of producing small and large batches. Cosmeceutical from the pharma- cosmetic, our production lots are distinguished by texture and desecration sought as well as a strong focus in the composition of the formula.

Oils and butters with functional extracts and fragrances from around the world..

In the selection of raw materials Donatella Veroni laboratories pursuing conscious policies of sustainable development, using suppliers who follow the local laws and international protection and environmental development .